Reciprocating Saw Blade Set

Reciprocating Saw Blade Set

√ Length: 4-12 Inch
√ Teeth: 6-24 TPI
√ Material: HCS/BIM
√ Usage: Plastic Tube, Wood, Metal Pipe
√ More Than 20 Years of Experience in Tool Industry
√ Own Plant Enables Cost Competitiveness and Production Flexibility
√ OEM/ODM Service
√ Authority Product Certification ISO9001/CE/GS
√ Various Product
√ Low MOQs, Fast Delivery
√ Good After-sales-service Let You No Worries
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Product Details ofReciprocating Saw Blade Set

Reciprocating saw blade can cut all machinable metal, wood, nailed wood, composite material, plastic and rubber. After special high temperature treatment, it has high hardness, strong wear resistance and long service life, and can be used to cut very hard materials.


It can be used for common demolition work, such as cutting wood, nailed wood, roof, wall, metal column, wallboard, gypsum and wood strip. This kind of saw blade is particularly wide and thick, which is stable and easy to control when used for cutting walls and roofs. Tungsten carbide reciprocating saw blade.

It can quickly cut wood, plastic, drywall, fiberboard and chemical fiber glass without nails.

Multi-purpose bimetal reciprocating saw blade.

Used to cut machinable metal when removing the vehicle. This kind of saw blade is particularly wide, thick and stable, and can be used with heavy feed. Fine pitch, especially suitable for cutting metal sheet and vehicle frame. Tungsten carbide reciprocating saw blade.

U-handle bimetal reciprocating saw blade.

It can cut all machinable metals. It can be used together with reciprocating saws of Ridgid, REMS, Roller, Pace, Flex and other brands. Bimetal gas saw blade.

It is used with pneumatic saw to cut thin metal sheet.

Bimetal reciprocating saw blade set.

The set contains reciprocating saw blades of various common sizes.

Reciprocating saw blade
Tooth Number (TPI) Selection Guide

Why Choose SHALL Reciprocating Saw Blade Set

● Combination sets provide a selection of reciprocating saw blades for common applications.

Tough case or Expandable case holds blades and is designed to fit in power tool kit box.

● Wood reciprocating saw blades – incorporate high-quality materials and optimized 6 TPI tooth design for professional blades that cut faster and last longer.

● Metal Reciprocating Saw Blades – incorporate bi-metal construction, reinforced pair-setting teeth and thin-kerf .035 In. bodies for pro-quality high-performance.

● Reciprocating saw blades designed for wood with nails – incorporate bi-metal construction, reinforced 5/8 variable-pitch teeth for fast cutting and taper backs and plunge tips for easy starts.

● Demolition reciprocating saw blades – combine bi-metal construction, reinforced 10/14 variable-tooth pitch for fast cutting.

● Bi-metal material – delivers a hardened cutting edge for outstanding blade durability.

SHALL Different Reciprocating Saw Blade Set

Reciprocating Saw Blade Set No.0924020


5pcs Reciprocating Saw Blade Set

1pcs 100x1.0x18TPI BIM

1pcs 150x1.0x6TPI HCS

1pcs 150x1.0x14TPI BIM

1pcs 225x1.0x14TPI HCS

1pcs 300x1.0x10TPI HCS

Reciprocating Saw Blade Set No.0924063


6pcs Reciprocating Saw Blade Set

1pcs 150x6/12TPI BIM

1pcs 150x6TPI BIM

1pcs 150x10TPI BIM

1pcs 150x14TPI BIM

1pcs 150x14TPI BIM

1pcs 150x6TPI HCS

Reciprocating Saw Blade Set No.0924323


7pcs Reciprocating Saw Blade Set

1pcs 152x1.3x5/8TPI BIM

2pcs 152x1.6x5/8TPI BIM

1pcs 152x1.3x6TPI HCS

1pcs 152x1x6/10TPI BIM

1pcs 229x0.9x6TPI BIM

1pcs 229x1.3x6TPI HCS

Reciprocating Saw Blade Set No.0924001


9pcs Reciprocating Saw Blade Set

3pcs 150x19x1.0mm 6TPI HCS

3pcs 150x19x0.9mm 14TPI BIM

3pcs 150x19x0.9mm 5-8TPI BIM

Reciprocating Saw Blade Set No.0924002


21pcs Reciprocating Saw Blade Set

4pcs 152x19x1.0mm 6TPI HCS

4pcs 152x19x1.0mm 8TPI HCS

2pcs 228x19x1.2mm 3TPI HCS

2pcs 228x19x1.2mm 5TPI HCS

2pcs 101x16x0.9 24TPI BIM

1pcs 228x160x0.9mm 14TPI BIM

2pcs 152x16x0.9mm 14TPI BIM

2pcs 152x16x0.9mm 18TPI BIM

2pcs 152x16x0.9mm 24TPI BIM

Reciprocating Saw Blade Set No.0924003


14pcs Reciprocating Saw Blade Set

2pcs 9” 5TPI HCS

2pcs 9” 6TPI HCS

2pcs 6” 10TPI HCS

2pcs 6” 6TPI HCS

2pcs 6” 10TPI BIM

2pcs 6” 14TPI BIM

2pcs 6” 18TPI BIM

Why Choose SHALL As Your Reciprocating Saw Blade Set Supplier?

✔ More than 20 years of experience in the tools industry

✔ Full range of tools, power tools, power tools accessories, garden tools, hand tools, tools set, etc. More than 10,000 items, can satisfy all the tools requirements, bring wide market benefits to customers

✔ Professional R&D and Sales Service Team

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✔ ODM&OEM Customization services

✔ Strict Quality Control

✔ Low MOQs, fast delivery

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