Measuring Tapes
Measuring Tapes

Measuring Tapes

√ High Quality 3m/5m/7.5m/8m/10m Shall Measuring Tapes
√ Case Material: ABS
√ Coating: PVC
√ Ruler Material: carbon steel
√ Wrist Strap Material: PVC
√ Lock: brake buttons
√ Function: Measure
√ The Scales: Metric and Imperial
√ Types: 3m/5m/7.5m/8m/10m
√ Package: Hanging Rack +Color Sticker
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Product Details ofMeasuring Tapes

Measuring Tape is the most commonly used measuring tool in people's lives, and it is the most widely used. Due to its convenient use and volume saving advantages, most families will purchase this ruler, which can be used to measure the size of various items such as rooms and furniture.


The reason why the tape can be rolled up is that there is a spring core inside the tape. When pulling out the measured length, the length of the scale and the spring core is actually lengthened at the same time. Once the measurement is completed, the spring core inside the tape will automatically shrink, and the scale will also shrink under the action of the spring force, so the tape will be rolled up.

Parts of a Tape Measure
Application of Measuring Tapes

Measuring Tools From SHALL

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