How To Use Sanding Pad?

Mar 10, 2023

What is Sanding Pad?

Polishing discs, as the name implies, are tools used to polish objects.

There are mainly rabbit hair plate, wool plate, sponge plate, microfiber plate, etc. according to the material classification, but now the wool plate and sponge plate are mainly used for paint polishing. If it is divided according to the working principle, it can be divided into rotary polishing discs and DA vibro-polishing discs.

Polishing disc is the main tool for polishing automobile paint with polishing machine and abrasive. Wool and sponge (coarse, medium and fine) are grinded, polished and restored with different abrasives according to different paint conditions, so as to remove scratches and swirls on the paint surface, remove the oxide layer, and brighten the gloss.

The polishing disc is an important bridge connecting the polishing machine and abrasive. The material, thickness, shape and sponge/wool texture of the polishing disc need to be carefully considered, because these factors will affect the shaking size and cutting force in the actual construction, and affect the construction efficiency and quality.

When polishing, focus on the edge of the polishing disc, and do not exceed the edge and corner to prevent polishing through the edge and corner. When polishing the sub-board, the edges of the disc can be used to polish the planes with more corners and smaller areas. When placing the abrasive on the polishing disc, do not place it in the center, but put it on the side. Because when we are polishing, the force point of the disc is around rather than the center-type periphery. So when polishing the paint surface, it is also necessary to pay attention to the following: first, apply the abrasive evenly on the paint surface with low-speed point polishing, and then start polishing.

How to change different postures according to different faces and choose which side of the disc to throw different planes. When polishing, when the polishing disc reaches the gap of the body, press to stop the polishing machine, then move the polishing machine in the opposite direction, and press the start button at the same time. The action should be fast. This is the treatment method when the polishing disc is in danger

The so-called danger is that the gap will cause damage to the disc. It is difficult to deal with the parts that are close to the gap. How to throw them, which can avoid the gap and close to the gap.

Cleaning Method and Precautions of Polishing Disc

Cleaning method:

Wet cleaning: clean with soft water and gently press up and down by hand (not recommended).

Dry cleaning: use the air gun to blow when the machine is rotating, and clean from inside to outside.

Matters Needing Attention:

1. When we tear the plate, we must pay attention that the adhesive tape of the pressure plate under the thumb can be removed at one time, and cannot be removed directly by hand.

2. During cleaning, do not use a water gun to wash, because it is easy to break the sponge due to the high pressure of the high-pressure gun.

3. Do not immerse in water for a long time, otherwise the sponge rubber layer will fall off.

How to use sanding pad

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