Five Uses For Electric Angle Grinders

Jun 09, 2023


Electric angle grinder is a multi-functional electric tool, It is widely used for grinding and cutting various materials. This article introduces you to the 5 most common uses of the electric angle grinder.

Metal Cutting

Metal cutting is the most common use of angle grinder. Most of the cutting discs are made of glass fiber and resin mixed materials, which have the characteristics of high strength tensile and impact resistance; they can be applied to a variety of metal materials, For example: steel bars, stainless steel, iron, aluminum, but please pay attention to safety protection when using, metal debris and sparks generated when cutting materials will burn the skin of the body.

Concrete and Stone

Accurately speaking, this application also belongs to cutting, but in fact it is very different from metal cutting, because the material to be cut and the cutting piece need to be prepared separately. For example, marble tiles and concrete can also be used for cutting, but It needs a special diamond cutting piece to complete, and water is needed to cool it during the cutting process to prevent the angle grinder from getting hot.


Polishing with an angle grinder is also a common scene. The polishing pad is installed on the angle grinder. Usually, the material of the polishing pad is divided into: cotton cloth, cotton linen cloth, flannelette, etc., depending on the material of the object to be polished, metal, Both wood and stone are applicable, and it is necessary to use polishing liquid or other polishing consumables on the polishing pad to make the metal surface smooth and shiny.


The angle grinder can also be used for grinding metal surfaces, which requires the use of thicker grinding disc accessories, which also have the characteristics of impact resistance and tensile strength; after metal processing, burrs and other places that need to be repaired often appear , or metal welds, these can use the grinding function of the angle grinder.

Rust removal

Due to the environment and long time stay, some metals will be oxidized to different degrees to produce metal rust; at this time, the rust removal function of the electric angle grinder is needed, and another grinder accessory-wire wheel brush is used for this function; this accessory Made of high-strength steel wire and copper wire, it can easily remove rust and paint on the metal surface, and can also be used for metal welds.


The above 5 uses can meet household and industrial workshop scenarios. Choosing the right accessories can make your project more efficient and easier from cutting to polishing; but I still remind you that when using an angle grinder, you must do a good job of safety protection, there are many accidents caused by grinding machines every year;

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