Electric Drill Set

Electric Drill Set

√ Voltage :220-240V/110V
√ Frequency :50-60 HZ
√ Input Power:600W
√ No load Speed:0-2800r/min
√ Chuck Capacity:13mm
√ More Than 20 Years of Experience in Tool Industry
√ Own Plant Enables Cost Competitiveness and Production Flexibility
√ OEM/ODM Service
√ Authority Product Certification ISO9001/CE/GS
√ Various Product
√ Low MOQs,Fast Delivery
√ Good After-sales-service Let You No Worries
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Product Details ofElectric Drill Set

Electric Drill work by rotation and impact. They can use either the "single drill" mode or the "impact drill" mode. Therefore, it is a basic electric tool worth choosing for professionals and self operators. The electric hammer works by rotation and hammering. The individual hammering force is very high and has a hammering frequency of 1000 to 3000 per minute, which can produce significant force. Compared with impact drills, electric hammers require minimal pressure to drill into hard materials, such as stone and concrete; Especially relatively hard concrete. The electric drill only has a rotation mode, which is especially suitable for drilling holes on materials requiring very little force, such as cork, metal, brick, ceramic tile, etc. The percussion drill works by rotation and impact. A single impact is very slight, but the impact frequency of 40000 times per minute can produce continuous force.

The impact mechanism of the impact electric drill has two types: dog tooth type and ball type. The ball impact electric drill is composed of moving disc, fixed disc, steel ball, etc. The moving disc is connected with the main shaft through threads and is equipped with 12 steel balls; The fixed disc is fixed on the casing with four steel balls by pins. Under the action of thrust, 12 steel balls roll along the four steel balls, making the cemented carbide bit produce rotary impact motion, and can drill holes on brittle materials such as bricks, blocks, and concrete. Take off the overhead pin to make the fixed disc rotate with the moving disc without impact. It can be used as an ordinary electric drill.


Electric Drill mainly used for impact drilling on concrete floors, walls, bricks, stones, boards and multi-layer materials; In addition, it can also drill holes and tap teeth on wood, metal, ceramics and plastics, and is equipped with electronic speed regulating equipment for forward/reverse functions.

Electric Drill Set

Why Choose SHALL Electric Drill Set

● Hammer and drill function:you can easily convert between hammer and drill function by one button depending on your tasks.

●13mm keyed metal chuck: This drill with sturdy and durable metal chuck, its maximum chuck diameter of this impact drill is 13mm; Customer could replace different drill bits according to different drilling materials.

● Powerful motor: Features a 4.5 Amps copper motor to deliver a very nice performance at 3000RPM. Providing additional durability and overload production for drilling and chipping on wood, masonry, steel, wall, concrete and other hard materials.

● 360 °rotatable handle: Working with the hammer drill is very pleasant due to the ergonomic and rubberized grip. The included 360 °adjustable side handle ensures the best possible control of the machine.

● Lightweight & Ergonomic Design:This hammer drill has been designed with light weight of 3.6 lbs to ensure an easy operation and less fatigue for long drilling tasks. The rotating auxiliary handle, which adds flexibility and offers the best grip, easily controlled, accurate drilling.

SHALL Different Electric Drill Set

Why Choose SHALL As Your Electric Drill Set Supplier?

✔ More than 20 years of experience in the tools industry

✔ Full range of tools, power tools, power tools accessories, garden tools, hand tools, tools set, etc. More than 10,000 items, can satisfy all the tools requirements, bring wide market benefits to customers

✔ Professional R&D and Sales Service Team

✔ Self-owned factory with competitive and reasonable price, lifting our production quality

✔ High quality production and design standards for safe and reliable use. Built to international standards CE/GS/EMC/ETL/ROHS/UL

✔ ODM&OEM Customization services

✔ Strict Quality Control

✔ Low MOQs,fast delivery

Electric Drill Set: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Is this item variable speed and reversible?

Yes, this is equipped with a variable speed trigger and reverse.

Is this drill good for drilling holes in my safe and bolting it down into my wooden floor

This is a lite duty drill. It depends on the size of the hole you plan to drill. If you are drilling a 1/4 in. hole you will probable be ok, but if you are going larger I would recommend a drill with a higher amp rating.

How much stronger is this compared to the matrix hammer drill attachment? Is this a rotary hammer?

This drill and a good quality masonry bit did a great job putting holes in concrete blocks and stucco to meet my home needs.If you have a light job it might be okay.

How long is the cable?

The power cord is 6' long.

Is this made in China?

The country of origin of the Zhejiang China.

Does this drill only has hammer drill or both standard and hammer drill functions?

Yes, 2-position switch to select standard or hammer drill functions.

Super power

Super power

Diamond chuck

Diamond chuck

Depth Guage

Depth Guage

Forward and reverse switch

Forward and reverse switch

Electric Impact Drill Quick-wear Part

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