Dust Mask
Dust Mask

Dust Mask

√ Material: PVC+Silicone
√ Filter: Efficient electrostatic fiber
√ Identification: NIOSH N95/GB2626-2006 KN95
√ More Than 20 Years of Experience in Tool Industry
√ Own Plant Enables Cost Competitiveness and Production Flexibility
√ OEM/ODM Service
√ Authority Product Certification ISO9001/CE/GS
√ Various Product
√ Low MOQs, Fast Delivery
√ Good After-sales-service Let You No Worries
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Product Details ofDust Mask

As personal protective equipment, gas mask is used to provide effective protection for respiratory organs, eyes and facial skin of personnel. The mask is composed of a mask, an airway, and a gas filter. The mask can be directly connected to a gas filter or a gas filter box, which is called a direct connection type; Alternatively, it can be used by connecting an air duct to a filter canister and filter box, known as a catheter type. Anti gas masks can be selected from various models of gas filtration tanks according to protection requirements, and can be used in chemical engineering, warehouses, scientific research, and various toxic and harmful working environments.

The gas mask is mainly composed of filter element, mask body, eye window, exhalation communication device, headband and other parts, each of which has its own responsibility and can cooperate with each other tacitly.

Gas mask can be divided into full mask and half mask in terms of shape, and full mask can be divided into positive pressure type and negative pressure type.

Dust Mask

PVC+Silicone Dust Mask

OEM/ODM Dust Mask


The half-face set is effectively suitable for various working environments, such as painting, woodworking, chemical experiments and construction operations. It effectively blocks dust and unhealthy gases, pollen, organic vapor.

half-face set


●【Eyes & Ears Protection】In some special environments, such as metal cutting、cutting grass、machining, you need to protect your eyes and ears even more.

●【Elastic straps and Adjustable clips】The adjustable and durable headband can quickly adjust the size to fit your head.The neck has a clip to make the respirator easier to put on and take off. The respirator does not need to be fixed by ears, making it more comfortable to wear.

●【Comfortable Material】Using food-grade silicone material, the respirator fits the face perfectly and is tightly sealed. The soft silicone will not make your facial skin feel uncomfortable and is suitable for long-term wear.

●【Application】Half face cover set can effectively block organic vapor/gas, oily smoke, pollen, dust and other particles in the air. It is widely used in paints, chemicals, polishes, pesticide spraying, chemical experiments, automobile maintenance, and welding.

SHALL Different Dust Mask


✔ More than 20 years of experience in the tools industry

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✔ Strict Quality Control

✔ Low MOQs, fast delivery

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