Air Nail Gun With Compressor

Aug 12, 2022

Today we want to talk about how does air nail gun work, a professional frame nail gun connected to the air compressor. First of all, small air nail guns commonly used in the market usually require a diesel or electric air compressor as power to provide air pressure for the air nail gun so that it can work normally.

As shown in the figure, the accessories required for connection are air compressor, filter, regulator, oiler, quick connector, air hose, quick connector, air hose, quick connector and air staple gun.Three piece air supply device (air filter, air pressure stabilizer and lubricating oil) is used to obtain clean, dry and stable lubricating compressed air, which can increase the service life of tools.

compressor for air nail gun

What size compressor for air nail gun:

Nail gun with 1.5KW or 2.0kw air compressor can meet daily use. The woodworking air nail gun is suitable for general air compressors, and the air pressure is adjusted to 0.45-0.75mpa.The air nail gun uses the power provided by the air compressor to drive the air nails installed in the clip into different objects such as wood, wooden pallet,cement and bricks for fixation and connection. Different objects use different nail guns and air nails. Widely used in home decoration, engineering, factory, etc. Especially woodworking, it can effectively improve the connection efficiency of wood.How to adjust the air nail gun to hit the nail too deep?

compressor for air nail gun

Just lower the air pressure valve, because it mainly depends on the impact of air pressure on the nail. It is only necessary to reduce the influence of air pressure and adjust the nail depth. After adjustment, try whether the depth is appropriate on the useless plate surface to prevent the plate surface from being damaged by various nails.

The air nail gun uses the power generated by the internal compressor to drive nails into different objects. It can be used for wood based surface and cement bricks. Strong impact force, mainly playing the role of connection and fixation. At the same time, it can be used for soft objects, such as sofas, and has a wide range of applications.

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