Air Nail Gun Buying Guide

Aug 12, 2022

The right nailer will save you time and effort as you work. Whether you're doing small crafts, framing, flooring, or a variety of other jobs, SHALL carries an air nailer specifically designed to help you complete your project with ease. This buying guide will help you find the best nailer for any job.

Here are the 9 different types you can use for your projects, Please choose according to your work task.

1. Framing Nailers:The largest and most powerful nail gun for construction work Heavy-duty design for framing work, decks, fencing, subflooring and crate building

2. Brad Nailers:Best nailer for trim installation and cabinet making.

3. Finishing Nailers: 15 and 16 gauge Best choice for many household tasks,such as moulding, trim work, cabinets and furniture assembly

4. Siding Nailers:A siding nail gun is primarily used for siding installation.

5. Roofing Nailers:Uses round head, 3/4-inch to 1-3/4 inch coil roofing nails,designed for applying roofing shingles

6. Pin Nailers:Uses thin 23-gauge headless pins,Best choice for precise nailing

7. Staplers:Drives staples into flooring, furniture, upholstery and screens

8. Flooring Nailers:Best choice for installing hardwood floors&engineered flooring

9. Palm Nailers;Drives nails in lumber, plywood, medium-density fiberboard (MDF) and plastic sheets

Once you've selected the type of nailer that works best for your projects, consider these nailer features and air compressor tools and accessories that can keep you working effectively.


Important features to look for are adjustable depth of drive, dry-fire lockout, directional exhaust, a jam-clearing feature, trigger size and a warranty.

Nail Gauge

16-gauge nails are the most versatile size and are a great choice for a variety of projects. Nails that are 18 gauge or higher are best used for fine-detail work, furniture repair and thin-trim work.


Weight is an important consideration, due to nailers being handheld tools. Weights can vary greatly between pneumatic, battery-powered and fuel-powered units. If you’re planning on extended use, a lighter model may be a good choice.


Pneumatics require an air compressor for power, along with an air hose to connect to the nailer. Cordless nailers offer freedom of movement, but power-intensive jobs, like framing, will increase battery use.


The air nail gun will make a huge noise when shooting nails, and the decibels are amazing, resounding through the entire work site, so adjusting the valve is more helpful to reduce construction noise. Low noise is a better choice

Small rebound force

The product is equipped with air nails. When the air nails enter the wood smoothly and there is no large rebound force or no elasticity, it means that the force is sufficient and the strength is high, which is better.

Less gas consumption

When nailing, feel the air running out at the tip of the gun to see if it is conscious. The louder sound means more gas consumption, and the smaller the gas sound means less gas consumption, the less the better.

Nail Gun Safety

Some basic safety information is below, but follow the nailer manufacturer's instructions for use, maintenance and safety.

● Before using pneumatic nail guns, be sure to read the user manual and fully understand the safety matters before using the nail guns in the workplace.

● Do not use flammable and explosive gases such as oxygen and gas as a power source;

● when repairing or replacing nails, you should cut off the gas source before operating

●do not point the pneumatic nail gun at yourself or others.

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