Air Impact Wrench With Compressor

Aug 05, 2022

Today we want to talk about how does air impact wrench work, a professional pneumatic air impact wrench connected to the air compressor. First of all, small air impact wrenches commonly used in the market usually require a diesel or electric air compressor as power to provide air pressure for the air impact wrench so that it can work normally.

As shown in the figure, the accessories required for connection are air compressor, filter, regulator, oiler, quick connector, air hose, quick connector, air hose, quick connector and pneumatic wrench.

air impact wrench

What size compressor for air impact wrench:

Small air impact wrench with 1.5KW or 2.0kw air compressor can meet daily use. Small air impact wrenches are usually used to disassemble lug nuts, battery nuts or other small screws of small cars, tricycles, motorcycles, etc. At the same time, air impact wrench adjustable torque can adjust the air volume to remove nuts with different degrees of tightness. There is a round wrench under the air impact wrench, which is specially used to adjust the strength of the air impact wrench.

Air impact wrench with compressor

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