Air Hammer
Air Hammer

Air Hammer

√ Attacking times (bpm) :4500-2200
√ Cylinder Distance (mm) :41-90
√ Air Inlet:1/4”PT
√ Air Hose:3/8”
√Avg. Air Cos:0.14 m3 /min
√ More Than 20 Years of Experience in Tool Industry
√ Own Plant Enables Cost Competitiveness and Production Flexibility
√ OEM/ODM Service
√ Authority Product Certification ISO9001/CE/GS
√ Various Product
√ Low MOQs,Fast Delivery
√ Good After-sales-service Let You No Worries
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Product Details ofAir Hammer

Air hammers use bits with 0.401" or 0.498" round shanks to handle most material removal and light chipping tasks. Sometimes called zip guns or chiseling hammers, they are generally lighter and more compact but less powerful than chipping hammers. They are commonly used to remove scale and slag, debur surfaces, and clean castings. Their pistol-grip design sets the barrel at a right angle to the grip, so users can control the pressure applied to the bit and hold the tool steady in a range of positions on vertical and horizontal surfaces. They have a trigger switch to activate the tool.


An air hammer is any device that uses highly pressurized air to drive a hammer into a workpiece for shaping, scoring, or plenishing (smoothing). This pneumatic device allows a craftsman to shape a piece of metal in minutes that would otherwise take hours or days, and much physical strain, to form by hand.

When someone uses an air hammer, it hits a workpiece several thousand times per second, with pressures generally around several dozen PSI (pounds per square inch). Handheld tools must be attached to tubes leading to air tanks that provide pressurized air. Some are also referred to as power hammers.

Why Choose SHALL Air Hammer?

✔ Newly Upgrade. Much more powerful, much more valuable.

✔ Four round chisels-Include ripper, bolt cutter flat and tapered punch chisels

✔ Alloyed steel barrel and heat-treated piston for longer life

✔ The ideal choice for muffler and pipe removal, body shop work..

✔ Built in regulator to match speed to the job.

✔ The knocking force can be adjusted by adjusting the air supply pressure.

✔ If the knocking force is too small to remove the blockage, the air pressure can be increased; on the contrary, if the knocking force is too large, the pressure can be reduced for use.

✔ If the customer has errors such as too strong or insufficient impact force due to improper model selection, the hammering force can also be solved by adjusting the air pressure.

✔ The structure that can change the impact force ensures the convenience of air hammer selection. If connected through the relay port, several impact pneumatic hammers can operate in series and strike simultaneously. It is a clean, pollution-free, low energy consumption ideal cleaning equipment.

SHALL Different Air Hammer

No.5011001 Air Hammer


Attacking times (bpm):4500

Cylinder Distance (mm):41

Acg.Air consumption:0.14m3 /min

Air Inlet:1/4”

Air Hose:3/8”


No.5011002 Air Hammer


Attacking times (bpm):3500

Cylinder Distance (mm):65

Acg.Air consumption:0.14m3 /min

Air Inlet:1/4”

Air Hose:3/8”


No.5011003 Air Hammer


Attacking times (bpm):2200

Cylinder Distance (mm):90

Acg.Air consumption:0.14m3 /min

Air Inlet:1/4”

Air Hose:3/8”


No.5011004 Air Hammer


Common Rust Remover Head

Head Diameter (mm):10.1

Steel Neddle:3X19

Air Inlet:1/4”

Air Hose:3/8”


Why Choose SHALL As Your Air Hammer Supplier?

✔ More than 20 years of experience in the tools industry

✔ Full range of tools, power tools, power tools accessories, garden tools, hand tools, tools set, etc. More than 10,000 items, can satisfy all the tools requirements, bring wide market benefits to customers

✔ Professional R&D and Sales Service Team

✔ Self-owned factory with competitive and reasonable price, lifting our production quality

✔ High quality production and design standards for safe and reliable use. Built to international standards CE/GS/EMC/ETL/ROHS/UL

✔ ODM&OEM Customization services

✔ Strict Quality Control

✔ Low MOQs, fast delivery

Air Hammer: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

How do I assemble it out of the box? This is my first air hammer and it doesn't tell me anything in the printed materials.

The "tip" if you will is basically a quick (dis)connect attachment for the tips that came with it. Put that on and use the allen screws built into it to tighten it really good. Then you just grab it and slide it down towards the hammer itself, which allows you to insert the tips, then let go and they should be locked in. They won't be locked in tight, because otherwise the hammer isn't able to do it's job and move them, but you should be unable to pull them back out without sliding down the collar again.

Can I hammer 1/4" hammer mollies into concrete? Or is this a different kind of roto hammer?

It's an air chisel. Most likely it would destroy the concrete before anything made it in. Its not a rotary hammer

Has anyone had a problem getting the tool out, for some reason mine got stuck and found the inside of the barrel was marked and tool had a burr on it?

You learned that a burr on a parker taper is a bad thing. Always check the shafts befor inserting them into the tool.

Can I chisel granite/quartz with this in a controlled manner? Or would it just be too much power and crack the stone?

The force is adjustable. i use it to bust out tile cement board. It does a great job . It is very powerful. Hope this is of some help.

What size the Coupler needs to be?

Use 1/4-inch male quick release.

I need to replace a couple foundation vents that were set in with mortar. Do you think this is the right tool for the job?

This air hammer will definitely do the job. BE CAREFUL. I was remove tile on concrete, and it easily ate the mortar, and the concrete.
Get a few different bits.

Can this tool used on wood? replacing frame on my bed and need to carve out a slat pocket?

You can try to lower the pressure and try to make one.

What is the psi i need for the compressor?

MAX PSI is 90. Box says Avg 4 cfm, 20 cfm at load. You'll want a big tank to run an air tool.

What is the size of chisel set. What other chisel set do you recommend for removing glue down engineered floor?

The shank of each chisel measures 13/32" in diameter and the body of each measures 15/32". The chisels measure 7" long overall. We do not have any glue removal recommendations at this time.

Can this air chisel shear through a 1/2 inch diameter steel bolt?

Yes it will if your chisel is sharp and the bolt is not a grade 8 bolt.

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